Sample Letter: Requesting Agape Letters For A Guest

To Know Jesus As Savior And Lord And To Make Him Known

Below is a sample correspondence that you can use in gathering letters for your guests. You are welcome to use this verbatim or to help you craft your own correspondence to anyone you want to contact about guest letters.

Dear NAME,

It is my pleasure to be sponsoring our (relationship) GUEST NAME to a 72-hour weekend experience at Christ The Savior Lutheran Chruch. The weekend is called the Great Banquet and is similar to the Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus and Via De Cristo.

The purpose of the Great Banquet is to give the guests an opportunity to come closer to Jesus Christ. GUEST NAME is very much looking forward to this weekend. A highlight of this experience is receiving letters from family and close friends. We are hopeful that your letter will be among those GUEST NAME receives.

Your letter should be a letter of support and encouragement. These letters usually mention such things as cherished memories of your relationship, special times you have shared, admiration of special qualities, or good things that you have often thought of sharing but just never said.

Your envelope should be addressed by name only to GUEST NAME and placed inside another envelope for mailing to me at ADDRESS by DATE.

These letters are a surprise, and receiving them is a highlight of the weekend. Please don’t mention your letter or your knowledge of the weekend experience to GUEST NAME.

Thank you for your help!