Sponsor’s Responsibilities

To Know Jesus As Savior And Lord And To Make Him Known

Here are a few suggestions that should increase your effectiveness in recruiting guests, help you properly interpret the Great Banquet and assist you in your role as a sponsor. The responsibility for promoting the growth of a new Great Banquet guest rests squarely on your shoulders.

Follow these steps to be an effective sponsor:

  1. Ask God to lead you in who to invite to the Great Banquet. Invite guests who wish to strengthen their spiritual life; who want to have a better understanding of prayer, the sacraments, study and Christian action; who strive to live a Christian life that bears fruit for God, or who seek to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and make Him known.
  2. Be intentional; discuss the Banquet with prospective guests. Set a specific date to explain the Banquet and answer questions. If potential guests are married, talk to both husband and wife. Get commitments from both of them if possible. Share your personal experience with the weekend. Share with them how meaningful the talks, chapel visits and worship services were. We ask that you NOT share information regarding the acts of agape, candlelight service, and the letters.
  3. Explain the follow-up meeting on the Tuesday following the weekend. The Fourth Day meetings are announced during the last two talks and at the Closing. Additional information regarding reunion groups is provided at the Gatherings.
  4. You are responsible for acquiring agape letters for your guests. Ask your guests’ spouse to write a letter (sample is available on this website) as well as other family members and friends. Mark the envelopes with an “F” in the upper right-hand corner so these special letters can be opened first. *** SPECIAL NOTE**** Gifts are NOT accepted for specific guests or team members during the weekend. Agape for ALL guests and team members is welcome.
  5. When you receive a confirmation letter from your guests stating their intention to attend, call them immediately to share your joy. Whether they can attend our not, please make sure they call the chairpersons of the Registration Committee ministry to inform the committee of their intentions. If your guest confirms their intention to attend and then decides to cancel, please ask the guest to notify you or Registration immediately. There is usually a waiting list of people who want to attend. Notification of cancellation will make it possible for someone else to attend.
  6. Talk with your guest about how to pack for the banquet and what not to bring to the banquet. Ask them to leave all valuables at home.
  7. Keep in touch with your guests and bring them to the Send-Off on Thursday night of the weekend – 7:00 p.m. at Christ the Savior Lutheran Church in Fishers. (Rarely, weekends take place at alternate facilities; location can be confirmed with the Registration person.) If, for any reason, your guests change their minds prior to the weekend, please notify Registration Chairperson immediately.
  8. Make plans to bring your guest to the Send-Off and then stay for the Sponsor’s Prayer Hour held immediately following the Send-Off. During this hour guests and team members are prayed for by name.
  9. Make sure to invite your guest’s family and friends who have attended a similar 72-hour weekend to participate in the weekend events.
  10. Come to the Candlelight and Closing and celebrate the weekend with your guests. Make plans to take your guests home after the Closing on Sunday evening.
  11. During the weekend please do not invite family members (of attending guests) to the Send-Off, Candlelight or Closing unless they have already made a similar weekend themselves.
  12. Pray for your guest before, during, and after the weekend!