Reminders For An Effective Reunion Group

To Know Jesus As Savior And Lord And To Make Him Known

  1. Be regular. The group must take place weekly or bi-weekly and everyone should be there; otherwise, it will not develop and may soon fail.
  2. Prepare ahead of time what you will say. Bring something to share.
  3. The leader of the group should rotate through the members from week to week.
  4. Take each section of the card and have everyone contribute his share to that section; then move on to the next section.
  5. Be aware that Christ is working in the world through YOU. Take the group seriously. Be serious, be honest, and be careful to keep secrets. Be concerned about others.
  6. The group should get together for something other than the reunion; otherwise, it is difficult to develop a deep friendship with the group. The group activity can be a meal, a party, as well as visits to a hospital or work on some project. Occasionally as a group activity, review the success of your reunion group. How can it be improved?